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General sales conditions
1.   All translation requests ordered via our web site imply acceptance of our General Sales Conditions
2.   All disputes concerning any translation that has been sent will not be accepted 10 working days after the date or sending.
3.   Unless explicitly stated, our invoices are payable in full, excluding any discounts or reductions, to the head office of Web-Refer sprl, rue Emile Vandervelde 30, 5140 Ligny and to the account specified on this invoice.
4.   Our prices are always denominated excluding tax.
5.   Due to the banking costs, the following fees will be applied to all payments involving the following transactions:
7.50 Euro for payment through a bank transfer
15.00 Euro for payment by cheque or International postal order.
6.   All invoices which are fully or partly unpaid on the due date will rightfully and without prior formal notification incur:
The application of contractual interest on late payment of 1.5% per month up to final payment;
A 20% fixed rate of the unpaid amount due, with a minimum of 75.00 Euro unpaid amount due, for the loss sustained in covering administrative, financial and organizational costs.
The suspension of all jobs in process up to full payment of the due amounts;
Moreover, Web-Refer sprl reserves the right to forward the case to a company specialising in the recovery of invoices.
7.   Our agreements are regulated by Belgian law, in case of dispute, only the Courts of Brussels will be competent. The legal costs are the responsibility of the customer.
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© Translatin 2008. Translatin, general sales conditions.